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    I have been doing a lot of research and personal experiments with penile traction devices, aka penis extenders, and I believe I am in a fair position to advise other consumers on this topic. So you can call me Extender Dude! On this page I'll provide some essential facts, tips and reviews.

    Who Needs An Extender?

    Men have generally always felt below par when it comes to the size of their sex organ, which is more or less a natural feeling. There have been many studies to determine the average penis size with varying results. It is roughly estimated at 5-6 inches for the erect length. So if you are around or above that number, then get out of here and forget all about penis extenders! Otherwise, you may want to consider trying a non-surgical penile enhancement method, one of the most effective being penis extenders.

    What Do Extenders Do?

    What a penis extender does is basically stretching the shaft constantly for several hours. A subtle tension force is applied to penile tissue, which over time stimulates a response by the body in the form of tissue growth. In other words, if you wear the device for 4-8 hours daily for more than 4 months you may see a small but significant increase in length. Some clinical studies showed that an increase in length of up to 0.9" was recorded after 6 months of traction therapy. But they also concluded that it may not work for everyone.

    Which Are The Best Extenders?

    There are many manufacturers out there who offer different forms of penis extenders at different prices. I recommend you take a look at the best penis extenders on mhrc.cc for a detailed review of each product in addition to some helpful videos. But here is a quick overview of the top recommendations.

    PeniMaster PRO

    The PeniMaster PRO combines the best qualities of different tested and proven products in the industry. It contains both a rod expander system and a brand new belt stretching tool. This enables the user to pull their penis in all directions and achieve better results. Not just that, but the vacuum-based head attachment makes the process much more comfy as compared to strap-based devices.

    X4 Labs

    X4 Labs has been around ever since the dawn of the penis enlargement era. It is a solid product with plenty of spare parts and comfort pads that make it easier on the skin. Some packages contain 3 types of fasteners; comfort strap, silicone tube and Velcro strap, which you can see in the videos in this X4 Labs review. The biggest advantage of X4 Labs is its fairly low price. You can buy the deluxe edition at about $90. Many similar devices from other manufacturers are sold for twice or thrice that price.

    Jes Extender

    A lot of experts call this the pioneer of penile traction devices because it was the first one to be clinically proven and patented. Jes Extender is a very elegant product made from quality material with care. They are known to offer lavish extenders coated with silver, gold and platinum. The reason that keeps many customers from buying this product is the high price and lack of spare parts and accessories. Other than that it is an excellent choice.

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